Quality medicine – accessible to all

Capillon Pharma Pvt. Ltd. operates regulated , non regulated and semi regulated market of Globe. We are one of the leading pharmaceutical exporters from India. From dealing with generic drugs to specialized pharmaceutical formulations, our products range caters to all. As a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer, we are respected by top pharmacies, pharmaceutical professionals, distributors and online pharmacies worldwide.The template of specialty prescription products that has worked so well for us in India is one that we are trying to put into place across international markets, mainly in the developing world. We offer complete product baskets of specialty branded generics including several products with complex technologies where the competition is relatively less. Currently this part of the business accounts for 40% of the turnover and over the next few years is expected to reach 60% of the turnover. As we put into place our strategies to compete as a company with niche therapies, international markets are showing growth in excess of 30%.

Our mission is to fulfill two core purposes – first, to provide patients access to high quality generic medicines at affordable prices, and second, to develop new treatments that satisfy unmet medical needs that are improvements over currently existing therapies.

Favorable legislation, increased awareness, and large number of branded products losing patent protection have led to the expansion of the generic pharmaceuticals market. By leveraging our product development capabilities and state-of-the-artmanufacturing facilities, we intend to capitalize on this opportunity.

Being global and having marketed several products in different parts of the world has earned us our credentials with our customers. The following strengths highly differentiate us:

High quality – low cost manufacturing
Infrastructure – Manufacturing Facilities designed and validated to international standards
Self-sufficient capacities – to manufacture quality products
Impeccable supply chain efficiency – to deliver products on time
every time Truth and Integrity – providing quick and accurate information to customers